AirShuttle V2 – Team-box with 16 tubes


This is the new AirShuttle outdoor shuttlecock, V2, with increased resistance to wind, in bright neon colors for increased visibility, and a more durable version made out of extra strong nylon.

Team/club box of 16 tubes of AirShuttles (48 shuttles in total).


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SALE on AirShuttle V2 Team/club box with 16 tubes of AirShuttles (48 shuttles in total).

Outdoor shuttlecock with increased resistance to wind.

Weight 1.8 kg
Dimensions 32 × 32 × 25 cm

1.0 (first version of the AirShuttle developed by Badminton World Federation)

Availability date

From 18 January 2021


The AirShuttle 2.0 is based on super strong nylon material


Neon red

Shuttle weight


Number of shuttles

72 in total (in 24 tubes)

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