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Disclaimer: Important Information Related to Shipping

We offer two very different shipping options to most countries. Please note the differences below and make sure to pick the service most relevant to you.

  • PostNord: Select pick-up point
  • PostNord: Closest pick-up point
  • PostNord: Private delivery to home address
  • Tracked Letter to private address (X-Y days transit)

This is the Premium Business Parcel product of the shipping company we use. They offer shipments to pick-up point to some countries and as home delivery to all the countries we ship to. The service is for shipments to a home/private address and not to a business/commercial address. 

There is full support via customer service and insurance via claims in the unfortunate cases. 

This product is more expensive than the alternative ‘Tracked Letter’, but you will normally get a faster and more secure delivery using this option, and we can offer support to some extend via a service portal, we have access to.

We offer full guarantee on these shipments, so we will offer to send a new package, without any costs to you, if package is lost or damaged. 

Pick this option for fastest and most secure service.

This is a less expensive shipping option and a fair alternative, in particular to countries outside Europe and also to some in Europe. But it has some limitations that you need to be aware of, before picking this option.

This is basically an advanced letter service for smaller packages up to 2 kgs, where limited tracking is offered. 

There is NO customer service involved. We can  track the packages, but there is no support offered for delays, loss or damages from the shipping company. 

The transit time is longer and unpredictable to some countries. 

Pick this option for the less expensive alternative, but accept a longer transit time.

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