Badmintons Best Complete Guide to AirBadminton: How to Play, Doubles, Triples and the Rules

Written by Liam Walsh

The BWF (Badminton World Federation) first spoke publicly about AirBadminton back in 2016. Details were sparse and not much was said about the new proposed outdoor format for Badminton until the full press release on 13th May 2019.

So what is AirBadminton? AirBadminton is the BWF’s official format for outdoor Badminton. AirBadminton is designed to be played on either grass, hard or sand surfaces making it suitable for parks, playgrounds and beaches around the world. It features the new AirShuttle which is specially designed to be more wind-resistant than a traditional shuttlecock.

AirBadminton introduces a lot of new additions and some changes to traditional Badminton. Introducing the all-new AirShuttle and Triples format and modified Badminton rules for service, scoring and court dimensions. Read on where we’ll cover everything we know so far about AirBadminton.

Read the entire guide here

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